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At Blink Vision, we strive to provide the best possible service and patient care while working to provide top quality vision correction solutions. Blink Plus allows us to refocus on your unique needs, and most importantly focus on providing the vision care solutions that improve the quality of your life!

The benefits of Blink Plus are available to all patients of Blink Vision! Most patients with vision insurance plans can choose to file for an “out-of-network” benefit reimbursement, as well as submitting health care related receipts to health savings or medical flex spending accounts.

We hope that you will find Blink Plus valuable, and to be a potential benefit for you and your family. Call us at 319-665-2727 and learn more about Blink Plus!

Blink Plus Membership Card


$25 / year for individuals

$100 / family

Blink Plus Benefits

All benefits are per individual

Dilated EyeExams
New Patient: $115 ($35 savings)
Existing Patient: $95 ($30 savings)

First pair: 20% Off
Additional pairs: free frame with lens purchase, up to $200 savings, within 30 days of original order

Contact Lenses
10% Off on the contact lens evaluation
10% Off on the purchase of a one year supply of contact lenses (some manufacturer limitations may apply)
Free frame with lens purchase, up to $200 savings, within 30 days of original contact lens order
Free 6-month contact lens checkup
25% Off prescription sunglasses with the purchase of contacts

Children’s Eye Care
Unlimited Warranty on eyeglasses for children under 13
10% Off Children’s Sports Safety Goggles
6-month vision assessment for $25 [or consider $25 Mid-Year Vision assessment]
Free children’s lens replacement if vision has changed more than 2 lines of letters at the 6-month assessment

Invitation to exclusive trunk show events featuring the latest designer frames
Free lens cleaner and refills

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