Guarantee & Warranty

Guarantee & Warranty

Glasses Satisfaction Guarantee

At Blink Vision, we want you to completely love your new glasses. When you decided to invest in a new pair of glasses, it is important for you to really like them. It is important they fit well and feel right on your face. Your new glasses become part of your look, they express your style, individuality, personality, they reflect who you want to be.

It can sometimes happen that when you first pick out your glasses, your first choice may turn out to be something you don’t feel is “you” after looking in the mirror for a while. Don’t worry, it can happen! Perhaps the sweet shade of electric “Blink Vision” green glasses you first chose just does not capture your personality like you thought it would.

We will gladly change them for you. Not a problem. At Blink Vision we invite you to return within 60 days and choose another pair. We are glad to help you find the style and look you had intended to find the first time!

Blink Plus Members 2 Year Frame and Lens Guarantee

At Blink Vision, we stand behind our quality lenses. When you buy frames and lens from Blink Vision, you are fully covered by our two year guarantee. We use the hardest, highest quality lens treatments, and most durable lens surface protection available. To minimize unnecessary lens wear, please follow our optician’s recommended cleaning and care guidelines. If you have questions on the specifics of our warranty program, please ask our opticians for more details.

Standard Blink Vision 1 Year Frame and Lens Guarantee

If you would choose not to participate with Blink Plus, you eyewear will be covered by our one year guarantee. Please ask our opticians for more details.

Blink Vision Children’s Unlimited Frame and Lens Replacement Guarantee

We know that kids can sometimes break things. We want your children to have the best possible vision, so they can excel in all areas of their lives, and not be hampered by less than ideal vision solutions. Children must have good vision for school, sports, and their social lives, and kids want to have a fun, unique look as well!

For younger children, we recognize that “accidents” can sometimes happen. There are many possible causes; the glasses got sat on, little siblings were “playing” with them, they got run over by a bicycle, or the family dog chewed them up. We know accidents can occasionally happen, and at Blink we probably have heard most of the possible reasons. However, no matter what the reason is, if your child is 12 or younger, we will repair or replace the lenses and frames as many times as it takes.

It is as simple as that! Children 12 and under get unlimited glasses and lens replacements. Once your child is 13, they are teenagers, “all grown up” (so they might claim!) and they then transition to the “grown-up” replacement guarantee of two years for frames and lenses.

All we ask is that your child does his or her best to not TRY to break their glasses! It is so easy to not worry, give us a try! We take the risk away!

Contact Lens Success Guarantee

At Blink Vision, it is easy to try contacts with peace of mind. Think of all the times you have wished you could be free of your constant need for glasses — sporting activities, social events, and family photos.

Have you ever worn contact lenses? Have you had trouble with the comfort or the vision while wearing contact lenses in the past?

At Blink Vision, we offer the newest contact lens materials and technology from Johnson and Johnson, Alcon and CooperVision to improve your contact lens comfort, fit, vision, and eye health.

If you are not completely satisfied with the comfort or vision of your contacts within 60 days, we will gladly try another brand or style of lens, or refund the cost of your contact lenses. It is our commitment to ensuring that you are have a completely healthy and enjoyable contact lens experience.

It is so simple, give it a try. We make it risk free!