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Sunglasses Are Good, but Polarized Sunglasses are Better!

By February 1, 2018 No Comments
polarized vs non-polarized lenses for glasses


Sunglasses Are Good, but Polarized Sunglasses Are Better! 


Everyone enjoys a beautiful bright sunny day!  However, the sun’s brightness can cause people to squint, and result in potentially hazardous conditions while driving a car toward the sun in the early morning or at sunset.

Regular sunglasses that are darkly tinted with UV protection are a great start in protecting your eyes and ensuring comfortable and safe vision in brightly lit conditions. Many people — especially people with lighter colored eyes — can naturally be more sun-sensitive, and sunglasses are likely worn even on cloudy days to improve eye comfort.

Many people ask “what are polarized sunglasses, and who would benefit from using them?”

First let’s discuss some of the properties of how light rays travel. In most cases, light generally scatters in all directions. Think of a bucket of water being dumped on the ground and water being splashed in all directions. Regular sunglasses work to generally reduce all the light coming from every direction. In contrast, light that is reflected from a surface such as water, a wet or icy road, or even the hood of a car tends to line up and become polarized and travel in a uniform horizontal direction. As an example, think of a solid stream of water coming out of a garden hose pointed in a specific direction. Polarized sunglasses have dark lenses like regular sunglasses, but they also have a special filter that blocks out the reflected polarized light, helping your eyes avoid the “steady stream” of reflected light.

In the past, polarized sunglasses were mostly used by boaters and fishermen who enjoy spending time on water. In more recent years, the awareness of polarized sunglasses has increased, and now they are used for many other purposes such as golfing, bicycling, driving, and general use.

At Blink Vision, we proudly display Maui Jim sunglasses, a brand that was developed in Hawaii for use on the beach and has become the gold standard for top quality polarized sunglasses. If you have never tried on a pair of polarized sunglasses, you should try them! Almost everyone who tries on polarized sunglasses for the first time can’t help but say “WOW!”

Dr.  Veatch