About Us

What Makes Blink Vision Different?

We Focus on Patients. Come See the Difference.

The reason Dr. Ryan Veatch and Dr. Marlin Veatch became optometrists was to personally participate in patients’ lives and help people enjoy the lifelong vision benefits of optimum eye health. It is for this reason that the doctors and staff at Blink Vision will treat you as a member of our family! What does that mean?

  • We take time to help you clearly understand what is going on with your vision and why.
  • We use the latest technology and tools to help diagnose and treat any possible threats to your vision.
  • We stay educated on the latest research and advances in eye care.
  • We show you how your overall health and nutrition directly impacts your vision and total eye health.

Optometry runs in the Veatch family. Ryan founded Blink Vision and invited his father, Marlin, to come out of retirement and participate in the founding and growth of Blink Vision. That makes it natural for us to treat patients like family, and to dedicate ourselves to helping every patient enjoy the lifetime benefits of clear vision and excellent eye health.

Some ways in which Blink Vision is unique:

  1. The friendly and helpful staff of Blink Vision are second to none! We strive to ensure all patients have a wonderful experience at Blink Vision.
  2. Children’s unlimited glasses and lenses replacement guarantee (for kids under 12)
  3. Two year guarantee on glasses and lenses for everyone over age 12
  4. Glasses style satisfaction guarantee
  5. Contact lens fit success guarantee

It is our goal to far surpass your expectations and provide you the highest quality, personalized eye care in a friendly, enjoyable environment by utilizing the latest technology available.